Does technology affect your perception of time?

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antique clock face with minute and hour hands with the word Newgate in the center and Roman numerals

From a fascinating article in the Daily Mail about how too much interaction with technology affects our view of time and adds to stress (as if we didn’t know that last part).

“One day you’re heading to the beach for a fun day in the sun and the next you’re hanging lights and tinsel on a Christmas tree.

It feels like time speeds up more and more every year, but it’s actually technology speeding up our perception of time, one researcher says.

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets have trained our brains to process more information, tricking us into thinking time is passing faster than it really is, according to a recent study.

‘I’ve found some indication that interacting with technology and technocentric societies has increased some type of pacemaker within us,’ said James Cook University researcher Dr Aoife McLoughlin in a recent interview. ‘While it might help us to work faster, it also makes us feel more pressured by time.’

The study analyzed individuals who are always connected to technology and those who rarely used it, and compared how each perceived the passage of time.

Findings indicated that those who were glued to screens overestimated the amount of time that had passed, compared to those that rarely used googled, posted or ‘liked’ anything.

Also, the individuals who used technology regularly were more stressed because they were more likely to feel like time was running out.”

Read more:  Daily Mail

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