My essay/memoir collection, “Disposable Thoughts: Essays on Reading, Writing, and Relationships”

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“Mr. Rudder may have just singlehandedly resurrected a lost treasure for us all in the personal essay. In this age of tweets and non-spell-checked blogs and speak-before-you-think rant-posts that seem to pervade the very air that we breathe, DISPOSABLE THOUGHTS is like a cool, quiet ocean breeze across our souls. Thoughtful, reflective instructional, funny, and not a few times, outright heartbreaking. Cheers and thanks to Randy for reminding us not only the pleasure, but the power in being open, honest and thoughtful in a well crafted essay. This book is chock full of them. Read it, and remember how delightful great writing truly is.”  Howard Klausner, Screenwriter

“Randy Rudder has illustrated how beautiful it is to create and to contemplate our humanity, the shadow of death, and the brilliance of life. I loved it.”  River Jordan, author of Praying for Strangers and Saints in Limbo

“Randy Rudder’s Disposable Thoughts are anything but… His essays on family, life, trouble, heartache, love and struggle are bittersweet and poignant, but hopeful and joyous as well. This collection will make you laugh and cry, think and reflect, all at the same time. Randy is a welcome breath of old-school memoirist in a world of high- speed blogs and rapid-fire internet exchanges. Settle back with this one and savor every bit of it.  Steven Womack, author of By Blood Written


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