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Hi.  I’m Randy Rudder.  I am a TV and documentary producer, an author, and former English professor.  I have a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Memphis, an MA in literature from Tennessee State University, and a BA in communications from Mount Union College.

I am the author or editor of four books: The Music City Reader (2005), The Country Music Reader, with Rosanne Cash (2007), Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music edition (2011), and Disposable Thoughts: Essays on Reading, Writing, and Relationships (2016).

I have also published over 300 articles and essays which have been published in over two dozen academic and popular culture periodicals, including The Washington Post, Country Weekly, Bluegrass Unlimited, The Nashville Business Journal, Southern Cultures (University of North Carolina), The Pinch (University of Memphis) Southern Crossroads (Mercer University) and others.I am also the author of four screenplays. One of these, Shooting Star,  is based on the highest scoring college basketball player of all time Bevo Francis, who scored over 100 points twice in the 1950s. Another is a faith-based comedy, Hit Me, which has been optioned and hopefully will go into production in 2018.

I came to Nashville over 30 years ago with $200 in my pocket.  I had no  contacts, no job, and no place to live. Despite the fact that I’ve never been out of work for more than two weeks in my life, I was homeless for several months and didn’t get my first career job until I was 30.  I didn’t get married until I was almost 40 and became a father at 42. I started  with nothing. I started late. And i failed often. I failed at starting a music  PR company, a photography business, a personal delivery business, several multi level marketing companies, and a slew of other venturess like trying to resell autos, starting an internet business, and trading stocks.

And despite it all, I still obtained two  masters degrees and became a university professor, a published author, and a documentary and TV producer.

So I decided to start this blog to let people  know: it’s ok to start late.  It’s ok to start with nothing. And it’s ok to fai!.  I plan to write blogs and do podcast interviews with business people and creative types who have failed  a kit.  Hopefully their stories will inspire and motivate you. They have done so for me.

I also live in the greatest city on earth, Nashville, Tennessee, with my wife Clare and daughter Abigail. I am also a follower of Jesus  chrust, albeit a very flawed one, which makes His grace abound even more.


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